Compliance Checklist: Lay a foundation for better patient payments


Justin Roepe,
Solution Strategist

Optimizing patient payments is a priority for 60% of healthcare finance leaders. Yet 97% of executives say theirs could use some work. But the good news is, once you do that work, you can see downstream effects like increased collections and higher patient satisfaction.

Our four-part webinar series was built to help you get better results — 30 minutes at a time. This session will focus on the first step of that process: laying the foundation for better patient payments.

In part 1, we’ll leverage Waystar’s patient financial care maturity model to ensure that you’re achieving compliance as it relates to price transparency, the NSA, PCI standards, and HIPAA. We’ll also offer concrete examples of key metrics to track, and what to look for in a solution to ensure you're building a strong foundation for patient payments.

Next, we’ll set your staff up to have compassionate, respectful interactions around patient payments by helping you:

  • Access different ways to help patients understand what they’ll owe and why
  • Leverage real-life examples and best practices
  • Understand why it’s critical to keep up with the effect of current legislation requirements on their organization
And remember: This webinar is part one of a four-part series, so mark your calendar for sessions 2-4. We’ll tackle how to use modern payment tools to boost collections + cut cost-to-collect (August 8); optimizing your front-end to reduce denials + bad debt (October 4); and how to integrate all operations to collect more payments + free up staff for high-value work (November 29).

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