How to maximize patient payments by collecting earlier

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Christine Fontaine,
Solution Strategist

When do you collect patient payments? Most organizations do it at the point of service or after — even though research shows the earlier you collect, the better. But what tools do you need to enable earlier, faster collection?

That’s one thing our four-part webinar series breaks down. In part 3, we’ll leverage Waystar’s patient financial care maturity model to help you maximize patient payments by collecting earlier. This session will give you specific steps to improve your patient financial experience starting on day 1, including:

  • Arming your staff with cutting-edge collection tools
  • Personalizing pre-service estimates and reminders
  • Proactively screening for charity and propensity to pay
  • Automating eligibility verification, coverage detection, and authorizations

While our first two sessions focused on compliance and efficiency, you’ll leave this session knowing more about how to:

  • Optimize your frontend
  • Reduce denials and bad debt
  • Integrate all your operations to collect more, sooner
And remember: This webinar is part of a four-part series. Be sure to check out all the sessions on demand:

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