How to structure patient payments so up to 80% are self-service


Eric Sulivant,
Solution Strategist

When you're working to boost patient payments, self-service options are vital. Patients today want convenience and flexibility, and if you give them both, they’ll pay bills faster and more fully.

Doing that, however, is easier said than done — and it has to start with specifics. Our four-part webinar series will give you those, 30 minutes at a time. This session will reveal the second key to patient payments: structuring self-service payments to maximize collections.

During our August 8th webinar, we’ll answer questions including:

  • What are the minimum features you need to facilitate self-service payments?
  • What role should merchant services play?
  • What should your patient communication and payment plans look like to be effective?
  • Which features do you need to cut your cost-to-collect and call volume?

Finally, we’ll offer real-life examples of how providers have restructured patient payments to lift collections up to 30% and hit a 60-80% self-service pay rate.

And remember: This webinar is part of a four-part series. Be sure to check out all the sessions on demand:

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