Denial prevention 401


December 13   2-3 p.m. ET

Christine Fontaine's headshot

Christine Fontaine,
Solution Strategist

Successful denial prevention is a process. When continued improvement is the goal, there are benchmarks every organization must hit to (1) reduce their denial rate, and (2) keep that rate low by optimizing processes and partnerships along the way.

Join this webinar for a one-hour master class in long-term denial prevention. During this session, we’ll explore how to:

  • Use normalized payer data to drive workflow
  • Enact process changes based on root cause analysis
  • Empower your team with multi-tiered support and rapid responses
  • Streamline all revenue cycle operations with a single platform
We’ll also offer key metrics to track, from average support response time to percent of avoidable denials. And we’ll outline exactly which benefits you should see with proper denial prevention in place, from improved efficiency to increased visibility and control.

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