Denial prevention 201: A step-by-step way to clean every claim


Lauren Tungate,
Solution Strategist Team Lead

One pivotal but overlooked window for denial prevention is after a patient is seen but before a claim is submitted. During this time, staff can have a huge impact on whether a clean claim is submitted and, subsequently, denied or paid.

So how do you tip the scales so your staff submits cleaner claims and reduces denials? Join part two of our four-part webinar series on denial prevention.

In this session, we'll walk you through how to facilitate efficient, accurate claim submission.

  • We’ll explore the benefits of a high first-time pass rate, from reduced AR days to increased efficiency.
  • We’ll uncover the essential steps you must take to facilitate clean claims (easy enrollment, flexible edits, electronic claim attachments).
  • We’ll drill down on features that are proven to cut denials, from automated enrollment to under-coded claims identification.
  • Finally, we’ll reveal which metrics to track to promote clean claims and prevent denials (time to request custom edits, re-rejection rate, etc.)
In 30 minutes, you’ll walk away knowing how to reduce the likelihood of a denial on every claim.

Remember: This webinar is part 2 of a four-part series. Be sure to check out part 1 on stopping denials from the start.

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