Denial prevention 101: How to stop denials from the start

How to use data to stop denials on the frontend

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Crystal Ewing,
Director of Product Management

There’s a reason denial prevention is prominent everywhere in healthcare RCM. Denials reduce cash flow, drive down revenue, and negatively impact the patient and staff experience. So, knowing denial prevention is critical, where should you start?

Let's look at the numbers:

  • 41% of denials are caused by frontend issues
  • The largest contributor to denials is registration/eligibility; and
  • 55% of registration/eligibility denials are avoidable — and non-recoverable.

Think about that: More than half of frontend denials don’t have to happen, but, once they do, that money is gone. It's a pretty compelling reason to take some time now to do some preventative care on your revenue cycle.

That’s where this four-part series comes in. In quick, 30-minute sessions, we’ll walk you through a proven denial prevention process.

Our 101 webinar will help you optimize your frontend to stop denials at the start. We’ll explore the importance of not only having the right data, but having it right where staff need it, when they need it.

Then, denial prevention 101 will answer questions including:

  • How much of a difference does real-time eligibility make?
  • What are enriched payer responses?
  • How can finding hidden coverage prevent denials + how do you do it?
  • Do I really need to automate authorizations?
  • Which metrics should I track to ensure a healthy frontend?

Once you have these answers, you’ll be set to optimize productivity, increase profit margins, and strengthen customer satisfaction.

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