Report: 3 facts about today’s patient financial experience

Nadia Critchley,
Senior Analyst, Research & Advisory
The Academy

Heather Kawamoto,
VP, Product Strategy

Nearly every new healthcare technology report reinforces one fact: the patient financial experience (PFX) has never been more crucial.

Today's patients describe their financial experience as a make-or-break moment. In fact, 93% of consumers say a bad billing experience impacts whether they’ll return to a provider — regardless of clinical quality or care experience.

How can leading health systems address that fact?
The Academy’s latest research + healthcare technology report explains.

Join our upcoming webinar — Disjointed to Unified: Enhancing the Patient Financial Experience — to learn how leading systems are taking their PFX from fragmented to frictionless.

This session will break down:

  • Why the standardization of financial services is critical to every organization’s revenue (yet prioritized by few)
  • Which investments in automation are enabling leading health systems to create a holistic — and fiscally sound — patient financial experience
  • The current state of patient financial education — including who owns it now, who should own it, and how modernization is transforming the process

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