Report: 3 facts about today’s patient financial experience

Nadia Critchley,
Senior Analyst, Research & Advisory
The Academy

Heather Kawamoto,
VP, Product Strategy

Nearly every new healthcare technology report reinforces one fact: the patient financial experience (PFX) has never been more crucial.

Today's patients describe their financial experience as a make-or-break moment. In fact, 93% of consumers say a bad billing experience impacts whether they’ll return to a provider — regardless of clinical quality or care experience.

How can leading health systems address that fact?
The Academy’s latest research + healthcare technology report explains.

Watch our webinar — Investment in patient financial experience key to revenue improvement — to learn how leading systems are taking their PFX from fragmented to frictionless.

This session will break down:

  • Why the standardization of financial services is critical to every organization’s revenue (yet prioritized by few)
  • Which investments in automation are enabling leading health systems to create a holistic — and fiscally sound — patient financial experience
  • The current state of patient financial education — including who owns it now, who should own it, and how modernization is transforming the process
Would you rather read than watch?
Check out our recap blog to get key takeaways from this webinar: 3 facts about today’s patient financial journey to know now.

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