Renown Health’s way forward

Health system improves patient financial care + payments

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reduction in
patient AR days


patient NPS


increase in
patient payments


The journey to increase patient collections + loyalty

Operating with their legacy vendor’s outdated technology, Renown Health dealt with manual reconciliation, limited integration with their EHR system, and a lack of digital communication capabilities that created a disjointed financial journey.


Steps to provide better patient financial care

With Waystar guiding the way, Renown Health found a smart platform to manage the patient payment journey, empowering both staff and patients every step of the way.

The savvier way to stay connected

With technology that integrates with their EHR system, Renown Health was able to streamline workflows, customize billing, and offer flexible payment plans.

The smarter way to pay

Utilizing plug-and-play payment integrations now makes it easier for patients to understand and pay their medical bills.

The better way to engage patients

Collecting patient satisfaction scores and comments gave them a way to quantify their positive patient financial journey.

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Discover how Renown Health has revamped the patient financial journey to bring in faster, fuller payments.

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“Patients can now raise an issue, and my department has the ability to resolve it. So we can now actively help people through the patient financial journey.”

Kara Martinezmoles, VP Revenue Cycle, Renown Health


Propelling their mission forward

With the proper tools to provide patient financial care, Renown Health has streamlined their team’s revenue cycle workflow, allowing patient satisfaction and payments to soar.


reduction in patient AR days


patient NPS


increase in patient payments

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