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streamlines RCM efficiency +
simplifies claim management


clean claim rate


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The journey to provide
better billing services

As an ambulance and EMS billing service provider, Medicount sought to
tighten up their revenue cycle processes and step up their technology
capabilities to better support their clients.


Steps to maximize
revenue cycle efficiency

Since their seamless implementation with Waystar, Medicount has experienced
a powerful uptick in revenue cycle productivity — including a major increase
in claim management efficiency.

The smarter way
to get started

With Waystar’s simple and smooth implementation process, Medicount has received the proper training and support to jumpstart their journey.

The proper way
to partner

From responsive answers to regular follow-up meetings, Medicount’s business continues to thrive with exceptional client support from Waystar.

The better path
to efficiency

Since leveraging Waystar’s software, Medicount has minimized manual effort and streamlined key revenue cycle workflows, including claim management.

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Discover how Medicount uses Waystar’s purpose- built technology to boost revenue cycle productivity, improve visibility, and streamline claim management.

“We know we aren’t Waystar’s only client, but the implementation team made us feel like we were. That made a huge difference in our onboarding experience.”

Jessica Weathers, Director of Revenue Cycle, Proliance Surgeons

“After leaving implementation, we never went into a black hole. Waystar is very responsive and there is no lag in answers. It really feels like we’re on the same team.”

Kathy Dudley, Director of Operations, Medicount


Propelling their mission forward

With Waystar by their side, Medicount is backed by a strong partner
and has the proper RCM software to get clean claims out the door
quickly and better serve their clients.


clean claim rate


perfect pass claim rate


average days to pay

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