Billing services spotlight: How to improve margins + scalability


Lauren Tungate,
Solution Strategist

Medical billing services in the U.S. are thriving. Experts predict the market will grow up to 10% by 2026. And that’s great news — if your organization is ready to meet those demands.

If you’re a billing manager or RCM leader who’s concerned about managing higher volume and more clients, now is the time to act.

Join our November 14th webinar to learn how medical billing service leaders can:

  • Scale up quickly using automation and technology
  • Make data-driven decisions to get clients paid more quickly
  • Create revenue gains without cutting into margins
  • Boost team productivity by focusing on actionable tasks
  • Drive impactful improvements — for you and your clients

This session will also touch on seven key areas you can act on now to ensure your success in the future. From finding hidden coverage to prioritizing denials and appeals, you’ll walk away with the knowledge you need to grow your business and protect your clients’ financial health.

Businesswire: United States Medical Billing Service Market Report 2021-2026, 2021

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