Success Story

Atlantic Health System’s way forward

Health system automates
authorizations + maximizes
revenue cycle efficiency


reduction in average auth submission


days increase in average
lead time for starting auths


DAR clearance rate

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The journey to improve
authorization efficiency

For Atlantic Health System, industry-wide labor shortages and previously
disparate workflows led to delays in securing authorizations — causing many
patients to postpone or even cancel care.


Steps to automate
prior authorizations

To outsmart labor and resource constraints, Atlantic Health System leverages
powerful automation to speed up the prior authorization process — ensuring
patients can receive care as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

The easier way to automate auths

Using smart technology to pull critical information for authorizations improves visibility and boosts revenue cycle productivity across the board.

The simpler way to work

Creating a centralized team for authorizations minimizes manual work and decreases duplicative efforts that once took valuable time.

The smarter way to stay ahead

Staff have the proper solutions to remain agile amid resource challenges — and make a case for additional technology and support.

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"With Waystar, we’ve seen an increase in patient care and quality of care. We can turn around accounts quicker, so patients are able to be seen quicker."
Danielle Pieloch, Executive Director of Patient Access, Atlantic Health System


Propelling their mission forward

With Waystar as their guide, Atlantic Health System has reduced
administrative burdens and built an efficient, timely authorization process.
Now, their healthcare organization can focus more on fulfilling their mission.


reduction in average auth submission


days increase in average lead time for starting auths


DAR clearance rate


new care
locations opened


of auths obtained
automatically in first year


Epic Pulse score for
*Top 25% of all Epic clients

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