Reimbursement reality: What's in the future for healthcare?

Elizabeth Woodcock

Elizabeth Woodcock,
RCM Expert

What’s the only constant in healthcare reimbursements? Change.

Today's wave of massive change in healthcare reimbursements started with the pandemic. And now, those changes are compounded by added challenges:

  • Denials are up
  • Staffing shortages are straining business processes
  • Patients are being asked to pay more, despite a potential economic downturn, and
  • The government isn’t going to provide relief.

With Medicare-payment cuts looming and reimbursement for virtual care still uncertain, it’s a challenging time to be a provider.

Learn how to get ahead of healthcare reimbursements
With national expert Elizabeth Woodcock, DrPH, MBA, FACMPE, CPC as your guide, this session will uncover current trends in healthcare reimbursements — and help you navigate them.

We'll walk through how to:

  • Identify which denial trends are affecting your practice
    • And help you form a plan to fix them
  • Determine how the end of public health emergency will affect you
    • So you can plan next steps
  • Break down the requirements from the Quality Payment Program (QPP)
    • So you know exactly what to do to stay compliant in the future

About Elizabeth Woodcock, DrPH, MBA, FACMPE, CPC
Elizabeth Woodcock is the principal of Atlanta-based Woodcock & Associates. Her firm helps practices achieve patient satisfaction, efficiency, and profitability. She’s on the faculty of the Rollins School of Public Health, is the lead author of nearly 20 books, and has more than 30 years of experience in the field of practice management.

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