Waystar Innovation Overview: Spring 2024


May 21   2-3 p.m. ET

Dustin Hamilton Headshot

Dustin Hamilton,
SVP of Product

At Waystar, we’re committed to innovation with a purpose. Our goal is to make healthcare payments more human, and we can’t wait to share our cutting-edge developments with you.

Join our official Spring 2024 Innovation Overview on May 21st to uncover the latest features and functionality that have been added to your Waystar solutions. Dustin Hamilton, Senior VP of Product, will walk you through our development roadmap, and we’ll offer a sneak peek into what's coming up next.

Here are just a few things you'll learn about during this session.

Automate financial clearance
We'll unveil enhancements that will help:

  • Accelerate cash collections
  • Reduce eligibility-related denials and bad debt
  • Simplify authorization requests and status checks
  • Use touchless submissions to drive automated, real-time approvals
  • Improve response accuracy with efficient scrubbing that filters out needless information

Deliver patient financial care
We'll discuss:

  • Automating estimate delivery to drive pre-service engagement and payments
  • Allowing patients to view their full payment history
  • Using a passwordless login to improve patient satisfaction and convenience
  • Reducing staff efforts using message templates and benefit explanations

Amplify revenue capture
We'll share new ways to:

  • Gain clarity on revenue captured with Payment Reconciliation
  • Leverage a redesigned dashboard and expanded rules library
  • Discover untapped revenue with APR-DRG Anomaly Detection
  • Access continuously updated Transfer DRG accounts within our secure platform

Unify claim + payer payment management
We'll touch on how to:

  • Customize workgroups with new rule attributes for UB claims
  • Leverage self-service, custom claim edits that are available within hours
  • View payer payments in a better, more flexible way via Remit Manager enhancements
  • Intelligently automate your enrollment process
  • Automatically update and resubmit rejected claims

Prevent denials + expedite recovery
We’ll discuss new ways to:

  • Gain confidence in appeal delivery with tracking and delivery confirmation
  • Simplify Medicare appeals with electronic esMD submissions
  • Increase your confidence on appeals to UHC
  • Automate appeals submission and coverage detection in Denial + Appeal Manager

Analyze + report performance
Finally, we’ll break down updates to analytics, including:

  • Faster loading times for Dashboards, Looks, and custom reports
  • Unified report creation across claims, remits, and denials
  • Getting ahead of your billing performance with Claim Monitoring Analytics
  • Analyzing the effectiveness of your AI-driven denial workflows

Don’t miss out on this inside look at our latest innovations.

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