Trends, tactics + true stories of successful denial prevention


Shawn Stack,
Director of Healthcare Finance Policy, Perspectives & Analysist


Christine Fontaine,
Solution Strategist

Eight in ten healthcare finance leaders say denial prevention is a top priority — yet few allocate resources there. It's a glaring blind spot when denials can create a 5% loss in net patient revenue on average.

To manage denials, organizations need to be proactive, and that starts with understanding the challenge. Join us February 8th for a deep dive into current denials data, from what causes the majority of denials to which KPIs leaders are using to track them.

During this session, we’ll:

  • Examine current denial trends
  • Analyze survey results from HFMA
  • Explore real-world stories of organizations overcoming denial challenges
  • Identify the essential steps your organization can use to prevent, prioritize, and outmaneuver denials

In less than an hour, you’ll learn how to build a robust strategy that leverages insights and tools to defeat denials for good.

Report: HFMA research + insights on denials in healthcare, 2023

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