The power of a transparent + accurate financial experience 

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Heather Kawamoto,
VP Product Strategy

When it comes to paying for healthcare, the process is stressful and complex for providers and patients alike. In fact, more than half of patients are more stressed about the billing process than the quality of care they will receive.

To add another layer of complexity, patients are also becoming more active in their care and seeking a consumer-like experience. Do you have the proper tools in place to meet their ever-growing expectations?

Learn the key strategies to provide a transparent, accurate financial journey and differentiate your organization from the rest. When done well, it leads to happier patients + more payments.

Join this session to:

  • Hear how organizations are leveraging targeted strategies for patient financial engagement.
  • Learn how to compassionately educate patients on their estimated financial responsibility to increase the likelihood of payment and patient satisfaction.
  • Explore recommended staff actions to create meaningful financial interactions with your patients, which can lead to more collections and loyalty.


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