Revamp your front-end revenue cycle (with 3 pivotal processes)


Christine Fontaine,
Solution Strategist

How effective is your front-end revenue cycle process?

If your answer is, “It's not,” you are not alone.

A full 50% of denials are connected to front-end tasks, even though 86% are potentially avoidable. If your financial clearance process isn’t accurate and efficient every time, you jeopardize the patient financial experience, staff productivity, and your bottom line.

So how do we revamp the front-end revenue cycle?

We automate the antiquated.

By streamlining the front-end revenue cycle, you'll improve patient access to care and, ideally, collect more with less staff. That will help you combat growing costs, shrinking margins, and staff shortages.

In this session, we’ll share how to refine your front-end revenue cycle to:

  • Remove barriers to care delivery
  • Give patients more accurate, transparent prices
  • Improve the patient financial experience with flexible payment options
  • Reduce time-consuming, manual tasks for staff
  • Increase your margins without adding employees

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