RCM analytics in action: How to use your data to drive decisions + revenue


Lauren Tungate,
Solution Strategist Team Lead

RCM analytics are underused. Healthcare organizations know that data can drive better performance and higher revenue, but accessing — and utilizing — data is a challenge.

Some organizations have to dig data out of complex or outdated tools. Some have poor visibility because they have to request data from different departments. Others have multiple analytics tools that don't align to RCM workflows. Whatever the challenge, the result is the same: Without the right RCM analytics, you can’t uncover actionable insights as fast as you need to.

So how do you fix it? You get strategic. Join this session and we’ll help you rethink RCM analytics, one step at a time. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to use RCM analytics to take control of your data so you can:

  • Understand where your organization currently stands
  • Pinpoint where + how you want to improve
  • Identify which KPIs are key for revenue cycle leaders to know
  • Prioritize dashboards that spotlight organizational goals and build alignment
  • Determine how + when to leverage RCM analytics within your team
In just a half hour, we'll help you de-silo your data so you can go from analysis to action faster and more confidently.

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