The end of COVID public health emergency is here. Is your rev cycle ready?

Vanessa L. Moldovan,
Commercial Enablement + Insights Program Manager

The end of COVID public health emergency (PHE) will have far-reaching effects for every healthcare organization. Starting now, many will see increased rejections and denials — unless they take proactive steps to make the necessary changes now. That’s what this webinar is designed to help you do.

What to know about the end of COVID public health emergency
First, organizations will need to keep a close eye on their revenue flow, claims, and denials to account for changes to coding, billing, and payer reimbursement requirements. They’ll need to offer new, uninsured patients accurate estimates to account for the changes in cost sharing. And they’ll need to have flexible patient payment tools in place — payment plans, advanced charity screening, and data-driven collection strategies — to address the sizeable increase in patient responsibility.

This session will help you handle all the above. Then, we'll get granular on the end of COVID public health emergency by exploring:

  • Regulatory waivers and flexibilities
    Medicare, Stark Law, discontinuation of temporary expansion sites, Title 42, etc.
  • Major shifts in telehealth
    Geographic waivers, changes in reimbursement rate, service adjustments, etc.
  • Changes to reimbursement
    Coverage for COVID testing, CPT code usage, enhanced Medicare payments, etc.
Finally, we’ll look at the impact of the end of COVID public health emergency on Medicaid coverage — including how many people may lose coverage and the steps being taken to address that.

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