Live Q&A: How do we fix workforce efficiency in healthcare?

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Rebecca Pierce,
Director of Product Management

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Christine Fontaine,
Solution Strategist

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Judd Chamberlain,
Solution Strategist

Workforce efficiency in healthcare has never been more critical. With a labor shortage expected to reach 3.2 million healthcare workers by 2026, now is the time to act — and that means giving your staff the resources they need to overcome inefficiency today, not tomorrow.

But what specific changes do you need to make to help your staff do more with less?

Fixing workforce efficiency in healthcare
Join this session to hear from three Waystar experts with decades of experience in the healthcare industry. They’ll start by touching on:

  • The current state of staffing shortages
  • What to expect in the months and year to come on that front
  • Proven, real-life strategies to help organizations optimize workforce efficiency in healthcare while creating a better experience for staff
Next, our experts will answer pre-submitted and live questions to reveal how to:
  • Automate data retrieval and follow-up so staff can send the right data the first time
  • Use paperless processes to boost speed and visibility in claim status and payments
  • Decide whether vendor or platform consolidation could alleviate burnout for your staff
  • Create highly efficient workflows — through integration, automation, and predictive analytics — that have been battle-tested and are proven to boost workforce efficiency in healthcare
Give us an hour, and we’ll give you a roadmap that will empower your employees to be as effective as possible.

Stat source: 2023 Trends in healthcare payments

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