Is your patient financial care truly inclusive?

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Katie Onorato,
Solution Strategist

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Mara Stephenson,
UX Designer, PatientWallet

By now, you know the importance of delivering great patient financial care. But as you focus on that, ask yourself: Is the same positive financial experience available to all your patients?

Accessibility in healthcare ensures patients with disabilities and their families receive equal access to services and information — but inclusive care doesn’t stop there. Truly inclusive patient financial care means accessing and paying for care is easy for all patients, regardless of their needs.

Creating inclusive patient financial care
In this session, we’ll discuss the importance of an inclusive patient financial experience, and we’ll give you some simple things your organization can do to address common problems. From your patient portal to your payment options, we’ll help you create an empathetic, flexible experience.

Our experts in patient financial care and user experience (UX) will:

  • Offer education around best practices in your patient-facing tools
  • Discuss how to ensure your digital experience is inclusive
  • Explore options for patients who face financial challenges, going beyond the standard payment plans to include patients who may not have a stable banking situation
  • Offer examples of common pitfalls when it comes to making patients feel welcome

In just one hour, you’ll leave with a checklist that will help you start to create truly inclusive patient financial care.

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