Improving revenue cycle performance through EHR integration

Judd Chamberlain

Judd Chamberlain,
Solution Strategist

Lori Anderson

Lori Anderson,
Channel Partner Director

Ashley Rose

Ashley Rose,
Associate Director Client Success

Electronic health record (EHR) workflows are full of robust features. But to maximize your investment, there are extra capabilities you may want to add to enhance your revenue cycle.

During this webinar, we'll lay out a proven process to help you evaluate your options. We'll offer tangible examples of need-versus-want criteria, as well as concrete steps to help you make the most of workflows within your existing EHR environment. We’ll even delve into real-world scenarios that have helped clients achieve meaningful results with integration. (Think a 77% work queue reduction for claim statusing, or a 30% increase in point-of-service payments.)

You’ll walk away from this session knowing how to:

  • Decide which RCM solutions you need vs. want
  • Maximize resources to create actionable EHR workflows
  • Solve the real challenges that may arise after you go live with your RCM solutions

Note: This is the first session in a series designed to help you maximize EHR integration. Look for future discussions on topics like streamlining workflow, improving patient access, and leveraging your EHR to improve patient financial care.

Piedmont case study, 2023

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