How CHRISTUS switched to Waystar + submitted $42.5M in claims in 2 days

CHRISTUS Health panelists:
Steve Burr
SVP of Revenue Cycle

Stuart James,
Chief Operations Officer & Deputy CIO

Amy Bishop
VP of Performance Marketing

In the wake of a nationwide cyberattack, cashflow is instantly at risk for many health systems.

With more than 60 hospitals in the Southwest, CHRISTUS Health was one of those systems. Disruptions threatened to put their $6 billion in annual net patient revenue at risk, and they needed to act — fast.

They chose Waystar, and in just 48 hours, CHRISTUS achieved:

  • 118K+ claim transactions processed
  • $42.5M in claims submitted
  • 132 payers covered

This on-demand webinar breaks down how CHRISTUS + Waystar worked together to get it done. We’ll explore how CHRISTUS chose a partner, made critical decisions quickly, and aligned their teams for success. And we'll discuss how Waystar completed design and started implementation for CHRISTUS in 24 hours, with full claim-submission capabilities active in 72 hours.

CHRISTUS was one of the first organizations of its kind to complete Waystar’s Accelerated Implementation Program, and we have since helped hundreds of other clients do the same. See how your organization could be next. Watch this webinar or schedule time with an expert now.

Let us alleviate cash flow issues — fast — so you can focus on caring for your patients.

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