How to (re)evaluate your healthcare RCM partner + get results


Christine Fontaine,
Solution Strategist

Once you commit to a healthcare RCM partner, it feels daunting to consider a change — even if maybe you should.

Does it take too long to reach live support?
Are you seeing the collections ROI you were promised?
Do you have a feeling something isn’t right but you can't quite identify what?

This webinar will help you I.D. and untangle all of that, and it will help you isolate your challenges so you can act.

Give your healthcare RCM partner a checkup
This session will start by pinpointing what's preventing peak performance — increasing denials, inefficient work queues — and review the trickledown effects those can have on your organization’s overall success (revenue leakage, unproductive touches, staff burnout).

Next, we’ll help you evaluate your healthcare RCM partner by outlining:

  • Minimum must-have features, from remote access to real-time eligibility
  • Advanced functionality, like the ability to leverage automation and data science to drive prioritization
  • Which features are critical to workflow efficiency, from paperless processes and system integration to enriched data
  • Red flags you literally can’t afford to ignore, like a lack of staff-training support or the ability to serve self-pay patients
Most of all, we’ll arm you with the data you need to decide if your healthcare RCM partner is pulling their weight or if it’s time to make a change.

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