How to leverage collaboration to boost revenue + satisfaction

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Eric Sullivant,
Solution Strategist

Revenue capture — receiving full, appropriate reimbursement for the care your organization delivers — is critical to a healthy revenue cycle. But when it comes to maximizing revenue and efficiency, organizations need to focus on something many underestimate: collaboration across functions and among stakeholders.

To optimize your entire revenue cycle, every part — front, middle, back, and patient financial services — must play an active role. That means establishing interconnected KPIs and educating patients at every stage. It also means working as an organization to decrease denials, capture all appropriate charges, and increase profitability through efficient processes.

In this session, we’ll uncover the steps to transform your revenue cycle into a truly collaborative endeavor. We’ll explore how to:

  • Automate the process of financially clearing a patient to prevent frontend denials
  • Ensure all appropriate charges are included on claims submitted to payers
  • Streamline claim and payer management processes to increase revenue and better manage AR
  • Help patients understand their financial responsibility while optimizing your payment collection process
These efforts will lead to a better experience for patients, a more efficient workflow for staff, and a healthier revenue cycle for your organization.

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