How mature is your patient financial experience?

Learn 4 milestones
that matter with Waystar's financial care maturity model

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Stacey Lang,
Vice President, Patient Financial Experience

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Lauren Meeks,
Director, Product Marketing

Providers today are hyper-focused on improving the patient financial experience with good reason. In the short term, a good patient financial experience can increase collections and decrease days in AR. In the long run, it can build trust and loyalty — a hugely important thing when the average value of a single healthcare consumer is $1.4 million over their lifetime.

So what’s missing?
For most providers, it's a clear, specific roadmap. Before you can lay the track for a better patient financial experience, you must do two things:

  1. Map out what a successful patient financial journey looks like, and
  2. Pinpoint where your organization is in the process of building yours.

That's where Waystar’s brand-new financial care maturity model comes in. Our four-step framework is one that every organization can use to build a better patient financial journey — starting by understanding that the patient financial experience is also a form of patient care.

In this session, we’ll share the four milestones every organization must achieve to create an optimal patient financial experience. Then we’ll help you build your roadmap so you can:

  • Set smart, achievable goals
  • Identify and implement proven tactics
  • Create a simple, streamlined patient payment experience 

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