How a holistic approach to denials can boost revenue

Vanessa Moldovan headshot

Vanessa Moldovan,
Solution Strategist

Denied claims are a constant burden — and one that forces teams to make an impossible decision: Do we invest our time and resources into denial prevention or denial management?

If you’ve got experience in both, you know that’s a bit of a trick question. In this session, we'll peek behind the curtain to reveal why.

Join this May 1st session to see how ROI improves when your team takes a holistic approach to denials. (Hint: It involves the right technology and a focus on mid-cycle denials.) In this session, we’ll uncover:

  • How to identify the root causes of denials (coding challenges, claim edits, documentation, payer communication)
  • The benefits of a comprehensive approach to denial prevention and management
  • Ways to engage your teams — revenue cycle and revenue integrity — throughout the claims process to reduce overall denial rates

In less than one hour, you'll learn proven strategies to improve operational efficiency and overall financial health.

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