How 1 system grew patient payments 21% with better financial care

Alex Devereux

Alex Devereux,
Director of Patient Revenue
Renown Health

Katie Onorato

Katie Onorato,
Solution Strategist

Healthcare payments often feel stressful and convoluted — for patients and providers. However, when most patients would switch providers for a better financial experience, compassion and clarity are critical.

But can organizations really improve patient financial care and collections at once? Renown Health did.

Join this session to learn exactly how this health system revolutionized their patient financial experience to achieve a:

  • 50% reduction in patient AR days
  • 53+ patient NPS
  • 21% increase in patient payments

With insight from Alex Devereux, Director of Patient Revenue at Renown Health, we'll explore how the organization gave patients and staff clear, actionable ways to see who owes what, when payment is due, and which payment options are best. We’ll assess tried-and-true ways to maximize patient satisfaction and loyalty. And we’ll demonstrate how automating patient payments can boost both employee retention and efficiency.

In less than an hour, you’ll get a real-world example of why compassionate care and profitability go hand in hand.

The Payment Cure: How Improving Billing Experiences Impacts Patient Loyalty (2021)

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