Healthcare RCM vendor review: How to ensure integration is driving ROI

Brett Hoium_Headshot.png

Brett Hoium,
Director of Product Integration

When evaluating healthcare RCM vendors, functionality takes center stage. But for new technology to truly deliver ROI, a proven plan for integration is crucial.

In this session, we’ll reveal the most common integration problems, starting with a total lack of integration before drilling down to specifics (snags in coverage discovery, clunky patient access, etc.).

Next, we’ll uncover which parts of the rev cycle integration is most crucial to sustain, from reimagining workflows to data normalization.

Finally, we’ll break down the key concepts everyone should consider when choosing a healthcare RCM vendor.

After this webinar, you’ll understand how ideal integration can:

  • Reduce rejections by seamlessly integrating with your EHR
  • Deliver benefits directly to end users (patients, staff)
  • Reduce wasted effort and downstream issues
  • Empower staff with accurate, actionable patient information
  • Create extra opportunities to add value through automation

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