Grow patient adoption with consistency + compassion

Justin Roepe,
Solution Strategist

Lauren Tungate,
Solution Strategist

Between fitness trackers and calorie-counting apps, people utilize technology to take control of their health and well-being now more than ever. Why should paying for healthcare be any different?

Your organization has put a lot of thought into your digital strategy, but if you’re struggling to increase patient adoption, it might be time for something new. You’re invited to learn how to leverage every touchpoint to your advantage—which leads to providers delivering more compassionate care, empowered patients who own their financial responsibilities and streamlined revenue collections.

Join this session as we unpack how to: 

  • Personalize every single interaction—no matter where a patient is in the revenue cycle—to create a custom-made financial experience.
  • Show patients the value + benefits of the tools you want them to adopt, such as self-service capabilities and flexible payment plans.
  • Offer consistent + seamless communication with the same messaging and tone, whether it’s in-person conversations or through omni-channel communications.
  • Provide compassionate financial care and empower patients with transparency + honesty, so they can understand (and fulfill) their financial responsibilities.

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