Generative AI + data security in healthcare payments

Generative AI is changing the world.

But what does that rapid change mean for healthcare payments? How are organizations applying generative AI? And how are they balancing cost and data security as they do?

Generative AI Expert Panel

Waystar hosted a panel of industry experts to answer these questions, and to discuss how organizations are using generative AI to:

  • Solve payment challenges + boost payment rates
  • Improve communication + educate patients
  • Maintain compliance + enhance clinical care

In addition, panelists discuss safeguarding data, payers’ use of AI, skyrocketing denials, and the need to control costs while keeping pace with innovation.

Eric Berger
Partner, Bain & Company

Matt Kirk
VP, Revenue Cycle, ATI Physical Therapy

Richard Nagengast
VP, Revenue Cycle, Mount Sinai Health System

Chris Schremser
CTO, Waystar

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