Drive ROI from automation in RCM

Research from The Academy on AI + RPA in leading health systems

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Anne Herleth,
The Academy

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Heather Kawamoto,
Vice President of Product Strategy

Listen in as we share learnings from The Academy’s research on AI & RPA in leading health systems.

Automation and artificial intelligence are two areas of innovation that stand to greatly impact RCM—but only if they are strategically aimed to drive return on investment.

On June 23 we’ll unpack the current state of RPA and AI in RCM and what health systems leaders can do to unlock these technologies’ potential and drive ROI. We will walk through how automation is being utilized in leading health systems, how they’re measuring success, and the steps that help ensure a successful and productive implementation.

This presentation is packed with data, examples, and learnings from those who are considering implementing AI to those who have successfully achieved it, and those who are somewhere in between.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How automation can support health system goals around workforce efficiency, process accuracy, and financials
  • How leading health systems are employing automation, where they’ve struggled, and what they’ve learned
  • Tips for successfully incorporating AI and Automation into your RCM strategy

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