Detangle the No Surprises Act

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Crystal Ewing,
Director of Product Management

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Lauren Dailey,
Director of Product Marketing

With the first half of 2022 coming to a close, providers are laser focused on ensuring their No Surprises Act processes are in place and all areas of compliance are met. There are substantial impacts to practice and revenue cycle operations, and it can be difficult to navigate the requirements of these complex regulations—and prevent something from falling through the cracks.

Waystar clients stay ahead of the curve and comply with the NSA in a variety of ways, from providing Good Faith Estimates to network status and eligibility to helping provide enhanced patient communications and disclosures. This helps verify there are no surprises for patients–or providers.

During this session, we’ll empower you to:

  • Know the updates. From diagnosis codes to estimates, learn what is (and isn’t) required from providers.
  • Close in on compliance. Review key requirements & ensure deadlines are met.
  • Pick your priorities. Learn where providers are struggling & what should be at the top of your list.
  • Leverage the learnings. Dive into real-world scenarios of what to do when it comes to complex estimates + estimate changes.
  • Use the right tools. Know how smart solutions not only increase compliance, but also deliver value across the board.

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