Denial management lessons from a specialty practice

Christine Fontaine,
Solution Strategist

Michelle Harper,
Operations Manager
Prosthetic & Orthotic Group

Effective denials management and mitigation feels like a constantly moving target that has kept healthcare leaders up at night for years. The good news: A large percentage of denials are preventable or can be appealed. The hard part: prioritizing the denials that have the highest chance of getting paid.

Join experts from Prosthetic & Orthotic Group and Waystar to learn how to prevent and manage denials in a timely manner. Participants will hear about today's denials challenges while learning tips and tricks on how to drastically reduce payment times and bad debt. Learn how the company has sped up its claims-to-cash turnaround time by days or even weeks.

During this session you’ll:

  • Understand the primary causes and effects of high denial rates.
  • Discover ways to prevent denials before they happen and how to address issues that are not avoidable in a timely manner.
  • Learn how to apply intelligent automation to mitigate future denials, accelerate the appeals process and prevent avoidable write-offs and rework.

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