Defeating healthcare denials for good (in 3 steps)

Unlocking the 3 critical steps of healthcare denial management today

Christine Fontaine's Headshot

Christine Fontaine,
Solution Strategist

Healthcare denials are an epidemic. Last year, denials comprised 12% of all claims — and there’s no guarantee they’ll stop there.

As a revenue cycle professional, how do you handle that?

  • First, you identify common causes of healthcare denials, many of which are caused by frontend issues.
  • Next, you perform a root-cause analysis using analytics to discover denial patterns and gain actionable insights.
  • Then, once you know what your organization’s challenges are, you create a plan to address them.

We’ll explore how you can do all of the above in this session: Defeating healthcare denials for good. Join Christine Fontaine as she puts 30 years of rev cycle experience to work defeating denials for good. In this session, Christine will address how to:

  1. Automate denials-related processes from front to back using machine learning and AI
  2. Avoid write-offs across all channels by uncovering the root cause of denials
  3. Create a smarter follow-up process using tactics to triage and prioritize healthcare denials properly

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