How to give patients pre-service cost clarity

April 11   2-3 p.m. ET

Katie Onorato's Headshot

Katie Onorato,
Solution Strategist

When 65% of Americans worry about affording unexpected medical bills, helping patients understand financial responsibility is key. Clear communication not only fosters informed decision-making, but it also builds trust between patients and providers. This webinar will help you build a patient-centric pre-service strategy that delivers true cost clarity. We’ll offer data-driven tactics to improve the patient financial experience:

  • Unpacking the patient’s perspective on healthcare costs today
  • Addressing common barriers and ethical considerations for price communication
  • Exploring successful strategies to disclose costs in clear, understandable ways
  • Identifying proven tools and technologies to empower patients before their visit
  • Focusing on tips to build both patient satisfaction and loyalty

You’ll walk away from this session with clear action items for building a patient-centric strategy to help you increase satisfaction and collections.

Public Worries About And Experience With Surprise Medical Bills (2020)

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