The provider’s edge: A new way to combine + clarify patient payments


Eric Sulivant,
Solution Strategist

Complexity is a huge challenge for providers.

Every day, your staff is asked to manage manual workflows, maximize resources, and juggle multiple vendors to ensure you get paid — and that’s just in the patient-payment space.

On top of that, practices face a new hurdle: Many patients are foregoing needed care because they're now responsible for more of the cost. So how, as a provider, do you overcome these challenges?

Combine + clarify patient payments

In our upcoming webinar, we’ll unveil a brand-new approach to patient payments that’s designed to produce results — think a 70% self-service pay rate — while boosting workplace efficiency.

We’ll explore key data, such as the fact that 52% of patients say they’ll pay earlier in the collections process if providers do two specific (but often forgotten) things. And we’ll evaluate key decision points for providers, such as whether your practice would benefit from using a clearinghouse that’s also a PayFac.

Specifically, we’ll reveal how providers can take quick, decisive action to:

  • Magnify team productivity through seamless workflows
  • Increase patient collections and portal adoption by up to 30%
  • Put an end to delays in posting, reconciliation, and lack of HIS integration
  • Create a user-friendly patient payment process that will drive faster, fuller collections while increasing patient satisfaction — to the tune of a possible 60+ NPS

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