6 key opportunities for healthcare RCM leaders in 2024

Dustin Hamilton Headshot

Dustin Hamilton,
SVP, Product Management

Scott Ruthe Headshot

Scott Ruthe,
VP, Security

Crystal Ewing Headshot

Crystal Ewing,
Director, Product Management

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Christine Fontaine,
Solution Strategist

What do healthcare rev cycle leaders need to know to succeed in 2024?

From denials and AI to legislation and security, it’s hard to know exactly where to focus to help your organization get ahead. This webinar will help you do that (in an hour or less).

In our keynote 2024 webinar, Waystar leaders will reveal their predictions for what will matter most this year. To build this list of critical opportunities, we asked ourselves:

What’s keeping you — the RCM decision makers — up at night?

What outside factors will impact your revenue cycle most?

What steps can you take now to create a stronger, simpler rev cycle tomorrow?

After answering those questions and cross-referencing them with industry trends, we zeroed in on 6 key opportunities every RCM leader should know. While you’ll have to tune in to unlock the full list, here are a few things we’ll discuss:

  • The current state of denials
  • Security best practices
  • Optimizing end-to-end transactions
  • Price transparency legislation
  • Patient experience initiatives
  • Boosting collections
  • Taking advantage of generative AI
  • Handling Medicare Advantage growth
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