3 ways to work claim denials to save time + boost efficiency

Why the smart prioritization of claim denials + appeals is key to boosting productivity

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Lauren Tungate,
Solution Strategist

How much time does your team spend working claim denials? Checking status? Submitting appeals? The answer for most healthcare providers is: “Far too long.”

Research shows that manually statusing a claim takes 19 minutes. Appealing claim denials — which make up a whopping 12% of claims — can take anywhere from 20 minutes to more than an hour per claim. That’s an enormous amount of time, especially when staffing shortages are the norm and not the exception.

During this session, we’ll show you how claim denials and appeals are directly impacting your organization's workforce efficiency. Then, our experts will:

  • Unpack the two most time-consuming parts of the rev cycle
  • Offer tactics for better labor cost management and productivity
  • Discuss proven ways to address staffing shortages through tech
  • Help your team cut wasted efforts using smart denial prioritization

Sources: Becker’s Healthcare; Fox Group LLC

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