Making phone calls and visiting websites to check claim status takes up your staff’s valuable time. And, frequently, there isn’t any action to take once the status has been checked. Waystar’s Claims Monitoring automatically lets you know when a claim needs attention, so you can focus your resources where they’ll do the most good.

Waystar gives us a clear picture of our denials by payer and by branch location, so we can take immediate action on the trends we’re seeing. It’s helping our collectors bring in significantly more money in much less time.

~ Donald Hoskins, Manager, Revenue Cycle Support, Consolidated Health Services


Becker’s Hospital Review, May 2018

How it works

Waystar Denial Management automates the tedious process of identifying denied claims and underpayments by:

  • Scrubbing your 835 data
  • Uncovering each unpaid or underpaid line item
  • Evaluating what can be realistically appealed and overturned

This empowers you to get the most out of your AR initiatives, send more appeal packages and reduce AR days.

See savings
add up

Did you know it takes 14 minutes on average to manually check the status of a claim? Use the calculator on the right to see how much you could save by automating claims monitoring.

Number of claims you follow up on monthly

Number of FTEs dedicated to payer follow-up

Fully loaded annual salary of medical biller


$204,327 annually
These numbers are for demonstration only and account for some assumptions. Contact us for a more comprehensive and customized savings estimate.


Watch our demo to get a sense of how Claims Monitoring can simplify you job and help keep your staff as productive as possible. Or click the button below to request a live demo from a Waystar team member. We’re excited to help you start saving today.

“With Waystar’s Claims Monitoring solution, the claim status is more current and follow-up can be done on a smaller number of targeted claims.”

~ Roxanne Dellolio, director of account management, Bill of Health Services

Prevent denials before they happen

Did you know that 90% of denials are preventable? Our Reporting and Analytics identify root causes so you can evaluate trends in your data. Armed with these insights, you can modify processes to prevent future denials.


We’re excited to help you trim AR days and reach new levels of productivity. Please fill out the form below, and we’ll reach out to you with more info.


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