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CPA Lab’s way forward

A pathology lab’s journey to maintain clean claims + efficiency


average days to pay


clean claim rate


payer acceptance rate

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The journey to simplify
claim management

For more than 20 years, Waystar and CPA Lab have maintained a strong
partnership focused on helping their business thrive. The steadfast support has
helped optimize their claim management workflows and improve efficiency.


Steps to streamline
billing processes

With Waystar on their side, CPA Lab has simplified their billing workflows and
boosted productivity amid new challenges, such as transitioning to remote work.

The cleaner way to work claims

Utilizing the proper RCM software has been essential to ensuring the accuracy and efficiency of their claim management process.

The smarter way to stay ahead

Waystar’s seamless integration with TELCOR makes it easier to ensure clean claims are submitted right the first time.

The better way to retain staff

Since going remote, the right solutions have improved their staff’s productivity and connectivity, contributing to a high employee-retention rate.

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Discover how CPA Lab has streamlined their entire claim management process and improved staff efficiency with the support of a trusted RCM partner.

“We know we aren’t Waystar’s only client, but the implementation team made us feel like we were. That made a huge difference in our onboarding experience.”

Jessica Weathers, Director of Revenue Cycle, Proliance Surgeons

“Our billing team is very efficient. All the different tools available like Waystar and the processes we have in place help us maintain a high level of efficiency.”

Jose Ilagan, Finance Director, CPA Lab


Propelling their mission forward

With Waystar’s partnership and support, CPA Lab has created a highly
efficient billing process to keep their operation running at its peak.


average days to pay


clean claim rate


payer acceptance rate

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