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Driving consistent policies and procedures across the health system


When Waystar began working with Atrium Health, they were working under a "one size fits all" collection approach and were outsourcing collection efforts very early in the process. They knew that there was opportunity to try to reduce costs and increase cash by transforming their processes to become more efficient and effective.

Waystar Solution

With Waystar’s Advanced Propensity to Pay predictive analytics, Atrium Health was able to deploy an optimized insource/outsource collections strategy based upon segmented workflows that were most appropriate for the circumstances of each of their patients.

As Atrium Health matured in their use of predictive analytics, they then chose to focus their efforts on the opportunities to improve the performance and oversite of their external vendors and implemented Waystar Agency Manager to gain greater visibility and control over the work being done on their behalf by its collection agency partners.

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