Survey Report: Waystar’s 2018 Patient Payment Check-Up™
Conducted by HIMSS Analytics
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Patients are quickly becoming more consumer-oriented. Due to their rising out-of-pocket costs, they want to better understand their healthcare expenses. Providers are looking for ways to increase patient satisfaction, simplify the revenue cycle and boost collections. How can they both get what they want?

The 2018 Patient Payment Check-Up survey compares what patients want and what providers are currently offering, providing practical tips to help healthcare organizations close key billing gaps and improve patient satisfaction in the process. 

In the report, you'll learn:

  • What you can do to increase patient referrals by up to 69%
  • How to close communications gaps around what’s owed
  • Which digital payment method 75% of patients would approve
  • Why it’s a mistake to think only younger patients seek online convenience
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