Success Story


Doubles growth while reducing costs and AR days with improved technology


Treat your problem, not just your symptom; that’s the mission of Vibra Healthcare. But that same philosophy was not held by the claims clearinghouse that was selected by their patient accounting vendor. The outdated processing technology used by the clearinghouse could not keep up with Vibra Healthcare’s growing network of hospitals. The clearinghouse looked for new ways to add fees to existing services. It also created a lot of rework for billers, such as sending paper remits and EOBs that required extensive review and manual processing.

Waystar Solution

Vibra Healthcare purchased a suite of technology to speed payer processing and reduce costs including: claims management, integrated FISS direct data entry, claims monitoring, coding compliance, conversion of EOBs from paper to electronic, remit management, as well as, denial and appeal management. One of the deciding factors was Waystar’s commitment to Vibra Healthcare’s success through an implementation program that was designed to fit their needs.

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