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How Waystar was able to automate LPCH claims management and create customized, highly efficient workflows for their staff.


Before Waystar, LPCH outsourced claims to multiple vendors, resulting in higher than necessary costs, delayed reimbursement, and the seemingly perennial challenges of claims management in a highly specialized healthcare organization. After claims management and payment posting were brought back in-house and automated with Waystar’s Claims Processing and Remit Management applications, LPCH captured significant cost savings and received 20% more of their reimbursement within 45 days of the date-of-service—all while easing the burden on staff thanks to newfound operational efficiencies.

Waystar Solution

Waystar Claims Management integrates seamlessly with LPCH’s installed Epic software system, Ray explains, making the claims and payment posting teams more efficient. Teams now accomplish more work with the same headcount, because they no longer spend time on the manual tasks that previously consumed multiple hours of their day. “Waystar’s cloud-based applications can also accommodate the highly specialized claims setup and requirements that other vendors can’t, ” he adds. “That dramatically lowers the number of claims we’re forced to create and submit in paper form.

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